Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Sunshine and Sub prime
By Dale Every
Mood: spiritual
Listening to: Accidental ornaments cyclefly

Couple of week’s back I thought id hit a café to get some reading done for an exam I had later that week. I made it my mission to avoid Starbucks because I wasn’t in any rush and I thought id let my principles guide me for a change. I parked up in a street in west London and the first thing that met my eyes was a certain coffee shop. I thought to myself, ok no worries I have plenty of time. Twenty minutes later I’m still cant find a café that isn’t my nemesis, my patience was becoming increasingly compromised. Ok …think Mcfly think…. bingo, ill walk down this nice big road it looks like it might lead to some options. So I’m strolling down the yellow brick road, cold and conscious that I have been messing around for over an hour now and I really need to start revising. So far I haven’t succumb to the corporate beast but then my hope dies when at the end of the road I meet another certain coffee shop. Beyond principles now, need coffee.
Feeling slightly deflated that my mission has failed I open my book. It must be exam season, I cant concentrate, on the adjacent table is little lord fauntleroy being quizzed on what sounds like some sub genre of advanced molecular biology and I’m thinking he’s a bit young for all that (shouldn’t he be out chasing girls or something…)…. even in the convenience of this coffee shop I’m still not getting these imperialist economics in my head. Anyway, I try and shut out abuse the kid hurls at his subservient mother as I try to ingest the words on the page.
Coffees gone cold and I hate the world so I leave and try to forget the situation and brave the cold again. So it’s back up the yellow brick road and I can see Harrods and other ostentatious high street outlets getting gradually smaller in the distance. I walk past a homeless guy staring blankly into the road; he’s sitting outside a grand old church that looks like whatever significance it once had has now gone. All this at a moment when a huge Rolls Royce casually bullets past and I try to balance all these visions together as I start to feel worse about my failed mission.
So I’m feeling like Christopher McCandless in the film ‘into the wild’, wanting to escape cold materialist society but then as if by a premonition my gaze meets headlines of credit crunches and rising oil prices. My mood immediately lifts as my pain turns to hope that perhaps the machines will finally kill their masters. The mind begins to wander….
Perhaps the Starbucks monopoly on overpriced coffee will disappear and just maybe the NME will cease being the only voice of the music scene. Perhaps necessity will become the mother of invention where the credit pinch might take us away from the price of oil and the second home by the sea. Just maybe we’ll have to start giving a shit as the sub prime crisis devours our seemingly natural desire to destroy the world and the people in it, for profit margins. Bring on the recession; this useless generation needs a bit of history. England is sick and its needs another pill. Lets hope it’s a good one….
…. Or maybe it wont happen, I can dream cant I? Ill just hold onto these ‘maybes’ little bit longer before reality bites. And back to the revision…


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