Tuesday, 21 October 2008


The Good, the Bad and Holloway Best Kebab

When Ross and Julia asked me to write something about Holloway at first I thought it would be easy. I mean, I've lived in Holloway for two years now. Nearly the first quarter of that wondering the streets, unemployed. I could talk about it's pros and cons until you eat your own eyes out of boredom, but that wouldn't be very interesting, would it! So, I looked to the people of Holloway themselves, the Hollowegians if you will, for other inspiration, only to find that they'd written the article for me. Below are extracts from various posts online, discussing our beloved N7. Enjoy!

Holloway is okay

been living here for about six months now. Sometimes i find holloway road itself a bit soulless but theres good cafes, cinema, i like drinking at big red and nambucca. its really really brilliant travel wise and bus wise. Safeway pisses me off cuz its cheap but the queues!!! art shops, library etc etc. but perhaps it just misses a little sparkle somwhere? still everything is so convenient....

Holloway not pretty

around seven sisters road is really quite awful. dirty, illegal cigarette sellers, rubbish everywhere, people can be a little scary sometimes too. convenient but not the nicest of area

Holloway could anyone help please
i am looking for my cousin going by the name of lillian killin or carpenter last heard of living in holloway road if anyone knows of her whereabouts could you please contact me. if i come to holloway iwill certainly try hollywoods cafe.

Holloway FRIENDS ANY ONE!!!??

Hey i'm moving to Holloway road in October. I don't know any one in london!! I'm looking for friends to go out on the town with!!! Also any good pubs and clubs in the area? Please get in touch at Mail-me Thanksxxx

Holloway safety question - part 2

So yeah, just wanted to ask, is the area really as shady after dark as everyone's been telling me? I heard about the bus-stabbing incidents, but at what time of the night did they occur? At what time of the day should a young woman not be seen walking around by herself?

Holloway FW Perrin - bookshop up to 1947

Hi thereMy Dad had a bookshop in Holloway in the early 1940's - Does any one recognise his name?I would love to know where the shop was - I think it was near the Nags Head. It would be great to have info as he met my mum there and they lived somewhere in Holloway during the first years of their marriage - in fact my brother was born there in 1946 but as they moved away in 1947, he can't remember anything!!ANY info would be really welcome


hi sweetiepie, u just have to use common sense regarding safety, there is no specific time that is more unsafe than others to be out.cos there is 1 0r 2 bad people does not mean the area is bad!!!! "bad" things happen in every area. My advice is to "WAKEY, "WAKEY" AND SMELL THE COFFEE, HAVE FUN IN hOLLOWAY,GREAT CHEAP CLOTHES SHOP!Amen to that! Until next time...



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