Tuesday, 21 October 2008



Welcome back to The Vapour Trail. And welcome back to where it all started exactly one year ago in a small boozer on the Holloway Road by the name of The Old Kings Head.
Although the sign with said name remains, nearly everything else has changed. It is now known as The Gaff and is operating strictly as a live music venue. Once again, however, we are pleased to be working with Gene, Joe and Gina, three people who enabled The Vapour Trail to come to life and become the bastion of exciting alternative music that it is.
Sadly, we will not be joined by Kris, however he is the main man at The Rock Attic at the Bedford Park in Streatham, and continues to put on the same energised rock’n’roll gigs as ever. This time, we will be joined by a Mr Marc Rollins, who some of you may know as the former drummer of VPT legends Untitled1961. We will also be joined by former guest DJ Simon Drowner, now a permanent member of the disc spinning team, headed up by Miss Julia Justice (The Firm/Trashcan Club) and Miss Magenta Placenta (Tempting Lilu).
Much has changed for us in the past year. We enjoyed a five month stint up the road at Nambucca where we witnessed some great sets from The Drowners, The Virgin Suicidez, Untitled1961, Doe Face Lillian, The Resistance, N,N Minus, Tempting Lilu, The Humanity and, of course, The Firm (ha!)
Speaking of that particular organisation, much has also changed. Guitarist Alex Avery departed earlier this year and was replaced by Chris P Willsher. Without diminishing Alex’s contribution or anything The Firm did previously, it became apparent that with the line-up of Ross Liddle, Julia Sieradzki, Yameen Khan and Mr Willsher, The Firm was finally born. We also played a one-off special show in August with former Untitled1961 guitarist and current False Flags frontman Seb ‘The Holloway Prism’ Pidgeon on guitar, purely to stick some icing on the cake of rock’n’roll romance. Our debut single ‘If You Don’t Want To Know Life’s Dismal Results/Round The Rim (And Back To Him)’ is provisionally out in February on Whimsical Records. Watch this space.
This month sees live music from VPT mainstays and rock terrorists The Drowners. They were instrumental in shaping the Trail and putting it on the map, and without them, the story might not even have been told, let alone been so interesting. Read within these pages their interview where they take a retrospective and often humourous look at the events of the past year. Also, we are joined by Higher Love, a group who do away with first impressions and instead insist on shocking people into attention with a sound and songs so epic and affecting. Last but not least, the first VPT back where it belongs is headlined by Songs from the Shows, a band you will definitely be hearing a lot about over the next year if there is such thing as justice in the world. On vocals and lead bass is former 61 bassist Steve Cross, who will be gracing the Vapour decks in the near future.
Finally, it is with great pleasure that we are now putting the Trail on every third Friday of the month. We always intended the night to be equal part gig and equal part club, and despite everyone’s best efforts, it was very difficult to pull off on a Wednesday. That said, I will always have fond (if entirely fuzzy) memories of going into the wankplace on a Thursday morning still inebriated from the previous night’s shenanigans and putting the fanzine articles onto the online blog.
So all that’s really left to say is that we hope you enjoy the evening and that we see you again on a regular basis....


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